Ten Memories from 2015


I didn’t bother making a Writing Wednesday post yesterday because I wanted to countdown my 10 memories of 2015. Not all of these memories will be great ones, but they are all memories that I will remember for the rest of my life. In no particular order, here are my most memorable moments of 2015.

  • I finished the third draft of my upcoming novel, Sliding into Love.
  • My hometown lost two beautiful women in a tragic theatre shooting.
  • On July 31st, I lost a paternal cousin to a massive heart attack. On September 24th, I lost my paternal uncle to colon cancer. On December 21st, I lost another paternal cousin to a massive heart attack.
  • I started this blog.
  • On October 9th, I was hired full time in the Child Nutrition department at my parish’s School Board Office.
  • My hair has been transitioning to its naturally curly state for two years now.
  • Received my screenwriting diploma in the mail.
  • Threw a World Kidney Day party.
  • Threw a World Prematurity Day party.
  • Started a fundraiser through American Kidney Fund to raise $2000 for dialysis patients.

Now that you’ve read about my ten memories, here are five memories I’m hoping to make happen in 2016.

  • Raising $2000 for dialysis patients.
  • Releasing my very first novel, Sliding into Love.
  • Celebrating the health of my family.
  • Working out on a consistent basis.
  • Successfully completing the 85k Writing Challenge.

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