Kidney Awareness, Personal Post

Kidney Awareness 2

Hello, my lovelies. As promised, I am here to give you another tip about kidney disease.


High blood pressure and diabetes are the two leading causes for renal failure. Because my dad doesn’t have diabetes, I can’t really give you much on that aspect of it. However, I can give you some insight when it comes to the high blood pressure aspect.

For as long as I can remember (and I’m 25-years-old), my dad always suffered with high blood pressure. He was also taking multiple pressure pills to manage his high blood pressure. He also suffered with White Coat Syndrome, which is basically when his pressure would rise even higher in any kind of doctors’ offices or hospital settings.

Fast forward to when he began getting sicker, but before his diagnosis, his pressure would be in the 200s.

Luckily, when he decided to go to the hospital that night, he wasn’t even feeling terrible. A miracle, right?

Anyway, it’s important to manage your blood pressure to avoid things such as a stroke or renal failure. My dad’s high blood pressure ended up damaging his kidneys.

Since his diagnosis, my father doesn’t suffer with high blood pressure anymore. At times, he has problems with keeping his pressure up.

You can’t expect dialysis to do all of the work for you though. Cutting salt out of your diet and paying attention to the amount of sodium foods have can help along the way.

Click here to learn about ways to help and donate to the many Americans whose lives have been impacted by kidney failure.


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