Kidney Awareness, Personal Post

Awareness Tip #5: Living with Sick People

Good morning, lovelies. I know it’s been a while, but I’ve been busy with work. On top of that, I’m battling the cold from hell. I’m coughing, throwing up, my body aches, and I’m exhausted. It’s not just me though. EVERYONE in the house is sick, except for my dad. This situation leads me to today’s tip:  living with sick people.

When my dad was first diagnosed with renal failure, he was advised to stay away from sick people because his immune system was weak. Eating protein became a necessity to build up his immune system. The flu shot also became a necessity; not just for him, but for the family as well. And for a wuss like me, the flu shot wasn’t an option! Because I’m deathly afraid of needles, I always requested the mist; until last year. I faced my fears and got the actual flu shot. I also got a shot yesterday, so I guess you can say I’m starting to face my (needle) fears.

I know how important it is to keep people with weak immune systems safe, so today I’m sharing my knowledge. Here are five things dialysis patients need to keep near them when living in a house filled with sick people:

  1. Hand Sanitizer:  With everyone sneezing and coughing, hand sanitizer is an absolute must! For instance, my dad keeps hand sanitizer on him…he even keeps a bottle in his car.
  2. Lysol:  It’s important to make sure you Lysol areas where the sick people have been. For example, the sofas, bedrooms, the car, etc. It’s important to keep yourself healthy, and your loved ones will understand this whole-heartedly.
  3. Flu Masks:  These come in handy when you’re surrounded by people with the flu. Thankfully, we’re just battling colds here, but it’s always better to play it safe. These flu masks will help you stay protected, and keep away contagiousness.
  4. Minor Confinement:  It isn’t necessary to confine yourself completely from your family, but your health is just as important as theirs. My dad hasn’t really confined himself because he’s been playing Super Dad by driving us to our Doctor’s appointments, picking up prescriptions, cleaning, cooking, getting wet towels for us when we vomit, and he’s done all of this on his dialysis day. Did I mention he’s been a life saver?
  5. Cool air:  I know this is going to sound crazy, but keeping it relatively cold in your house is going to help fight off germs. Think about when you go to Doctor’s offices or hospitals. It’s usually cold in those places, so try to mirror that in your place.
As always, please click here to learn about ways to help and donate to the many Americans whose lives have been impacted by kidney disease.

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