Upcoming Changes

Hey Lovelies! I’m back and at it again. Things have been super hectic at the office, but school is out for the summer so there may be some hope after all. However, my “leave of absence” has allowed me to focus on writing, blog changes, as well as quality time with my little nephew. So what kind of changes are coming? You’ll have to sit through a few pictures to find out.


First things first, I’ve been working vigorously on my latest manuscript, Every Breath I Take. My goal is to have at least 85,000 words written by July 31st. Not too bad, right? I started this 85k journey on May 1st, and will share my current word count for May on Monday.

This leads me to my blog changes. Starting on Monday, I will be blogging three times a week. Yes, you read it correctly. THREE TIMES A WEEK! The schedule will look something like this:

Mondays:  Manuscript Mondays
Wednesdays:  We Love Books Wednesdays
Fridays:  Freebie Fridays

Since Mondays are a little self-explanatory, allow me to delve deeper into Wednesdays and Fridays. On Wednesdays, I will be highlighting/reviewing books that I’ve read in the past or just recently finished. Also, don’t be surprised if there are a few interviews and guest posts here and there. We wouldn’t have books if it wasn’t for the amazing authors behind them, so they’ll be getting some recognition on Wednesdays too.

Now Fridays, on the other hand, will be reserved for fun. Think about when you were required to write journal entries in school and on Fridays your teacher used to allow you a free topic. Those were some of the best days ever. That’s what Fridays are going to be like on the blog. Whether it’s my thoughts on a Lifetime/Hallmark, television shows, a product or snack review, or just what’s happening in life. On Fridays, all subjects are game. I want to know what are some things you’re hoping to see me talk about in the upcoming weeks? Please, feel free to leave suggestions below in the comments.


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