Manuscript Mondays

Manuscript Monday: The Family Secret

dt8ajmateGood morning, lovelies! Over the weekend, I shared some pretty heavy stuff that had been going on in my life, and it was refreshing to finally be at a place in my life where I felt comfortable enough to talk about it. Today’s post is going to be on a happier note.

Just a side note, if the title of today’s post led you to believe I was going to be divulging secrets about my family, think again. The Family Secret is the newest novel idea I’ve had.

The Family Secret is an idea that I sat on for about four or five years, but it wasn’t a story I jumped at to write. Looking back on what my original idea was, I’m glad I waited. Sometimes it’s best to let work sit and marinate so it can be the best you have to offer.

I don’t want to give an extreme amount of the plot away, but I can tell you the book will follow four siblings and how they each cope with the death of their grandma. And, of course, along the way of coping they find out a secret their beloved Nana had been keeping from them.

Here are sixteen songs, from my playlist of 61 songs, I’ve been listening to while working on different aspects of this novel:

  1. Never Gone by Backstreet Boys
  2. Miss Independent by Ne-Yo
  3. Glamorous by Fergie
  4. Real Men Love Jesus by Michael Ray
  5. Run The World (Girls) by Beyoncé
  6. Optimistic by Sounds of Blackness
  7. We Don’t Talk Anymore by Charlie Puth ft. Selena Gomez
  8. Misses Glass by Leona Lewis
  9. Secrets by OneRepublic
  10. Fighting Gravity by New Kids On The Block
  11. Darlin’ by Backstreet Boys
  12. God, Your Mama, and Me by Florida Georgia Line ft. Backstreet Boys
  13. Disconnect by Kristinia DeBarge
  14. I’m Still In Love by New Edition
  15. I’ll Be There by S Club 7
  16. Good Life by OneRepublic

What other songs do you think are on my playlist? See you on Wednesday!


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