Manuscript Mondays

Manuscript Monday: Big, Messy Synopsis

messyGood morning, lovelies. A few Mondays ago, I spoke about my writing process with you guys. Well today I’m sharing one of my steps with you. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that this is done during the process of all the stories I write, but this has been working for my current work in progress.

I’m not sure about for you, but for me, characters are almost always the first element to pop in my head when I’m plotting a new story. For my most recent project, The Family Secret, I plotted all my characters first. Depending on how in depth you want this to be, it can be a lengthy process. I know for me, it took me a good two weeks. I wanted to ensure all the characters were unique in their own special way. Next up were the locations that were going to be detrimental to the plot of the story.

Aside from plotting characters and locations, the first thing I did was came up with a big, messy synopsis for my story. What did that entail exactly?

I’ve been sitting on this idea for years, so it wasn’t hard to write down a general idea of what I wanted to happen in the story. The hardest part for me was taking off my editor cap, so to speak, and just write whatever came to my mind.

I wrote my big, messy synopsis at least two or three weeks ago. Once I was done with it, I put it away and indulged in Backstreet Boys and New Kids on The Block YouTube videos. This gave me enough time to step away from my story and obsess over two of my favorite boy bands. I read the synopsis a few days ago, and it wasn’t terrible, but I’ve also came up with changes while it was resting.

I’ll admit I was a little hesitant at first to write a big, messy synopsis. When you’re a perfectionist like me, you tend to stay away from anything that has the words messy in it, but I’m here to tell you that it wasn’t bad at all. What you write in your big, messy synopsis doesn’t have to be set in stone, so give it a try. What’s the worst that could happen?


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