Kidney Awareness, We Love Books Wednesdays

WLBW: The Kidney Donor’s Journey by Ari Sytner

Discover why someone would donate a kidney to a total stranger!  After an unexpected year-long journey of exploring kidney donation, Ari Sytner became a kidney donor to save the life of a single mother of 3 children. The experience was so inspirational and transformative, that Ari revealed the entire journey in this first ever question and… Continue reading WLBW: The Kidney Donor’s Journey by Ari Sytner

Manuscript Mondays

Manuscript Monday: S.F.D.

Hey, lovelies! I’m back again, and with school being out for the summer, hopefully I’ll be able to focus my attention more on this blog as well as my writing. Today’s topic is going to be about SFDs. And for those of you who didn’t have the privilege of having a Professor Oxendale, a SFD… Continue reading Manuscript Monday: S.F.D.