Manuscript Mondays

Manuscript Monday: S.F.D.


Hey, lovelies! I’m back again, and with school being out for the summer, hopefully I’ll be able to focus my attention more on this blog as well as my writing.

Today’s topic is going to be about SFDs. And for those of you who didn’t have the privilege of having a Professor Oxendale, a SFD is what we referred to our screenplays during the first stages of writing; Shitty First Draft. Referring to our first draft screenplays as SFDs made me seem like we had permission for it to be as shitty as possible because we were going to be rewriting it anyway; and this made me love and appreciate my SFD even more.

At this point you’re probably wondering what screenplays have to do with novels and who the heck is Professor Oxendale? To answer the last question, Professor Oxendale was one of my favorite professors at the Academy of Art University, and she taught Feature Film 2:  Writing Act I. She taught more than that, but this class was my favorite. It was one guy and myself in there, and because it was only the two of us, it allowed me to really focus on their feedback, appreciate it, and put myself (and my work) out there without fear of judgement.

Anyway, the reason I’m bringing up all this screenwriting stuff is because I pulled a Christina Aguilera. And no, I didn’t belt a great high-pitched note; I went back to basics. What does this mean exactly? Well, to focus more on dialogue, character development, and less on tedious things, I decided to write the screenplay for The Family Secret.

This will allow me to make sure I have good dialogue versus description balance, all characters will have their own voice and can be tested by hiding their names on the script and writing which character I think said it. Lastly, I can double check to insure all my scenes don’t take place in all internal or external settings.

Does this mean I’m giving up on my dreams of becoming an author? ABSOLUTELY NOT! This is simply another step of the writing process before I jump into writing another novel.

In the meantime, it’ll make the process of read throughs and edits for Sliding into Love easier because I’ll be working on two formats of writing; a screenplay and a manuscript.

I’ll be updating y’all throughout the processes of both. Wish me luck!


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