Manuscript Mondays

Manuscript Monday: S.F.D.

Hey, lovelies! I’m back again, and with school being out for the summer, hopefully I’ll be able to focus my attention more on this blog as well as my writing. Today’s topic is going to be about SFDs. And for those of you who didn’t have the privilege of having a Professor Oxendale, a SFD… Continue reading Manuscript Monday: S.F.D.

Manuscript Mondays

Manuscript Monday: Big, Messy Synopsis

Good morning, lovelies. A few Mondays ago, I spoke about my writing process with you guys. Well today I’m sharing one of my steps with you. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that this is done during the process of all the stories I write, but this has been working for my current work in progress.… Continue reading Manuscript Monday: Big, Messy Synopsis